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Client Spotlight: Rachel

Service: On - Location Full Face Makeup Application

Client Story:

The Millennial in my life, referred by long time photographer Allyson Rhodes of Air Designs. Rachel and I had a text conversation about what she needed for a photoshoot. I enjoy meeting clients and bringing to life what they describe in their mind. She was looking for a glam look but not over the top, something that showed her softer side


Timberly totally changed my relationship with make-up! She was on-site with me for 6 hours and kept me looking flawless. I’ve often felt my photos revealed too much make-up and I generally get anxious when investing into brand photos. I love her warm and sincere energy and I completely trusted her guidance. I was so pleased with every look modification. She’s my go-to for all things skin and beauty.

Slide to see Rachel's results.


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