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Client Spotlight: Dakota

Service: Waxing and Tweezing

Client Story: I met Dakota through her sister Dereka. Dakota was a daily shaver and had not seen her true skin since she was 18 years old. She had been told by Dermatologist to just keep shaving. Well let's say today, Dakota has a new regime caring for her skin with little to no shaving. The texture of her skin is smoothing and less irritated.


I have had facial hairs over 20 yrs, over the years I was going back and forth to a dermatologist and all they would do is give me medication and tell me my hormones were off. I know that, but my question was can you help me? Nothing would suppress this ugly facial hair growth on my face. So after a while I was like I guess I have to live with this mess. But instead God said not so, I’m sending you someone and she will take good care of you & she did what was instructed to her to do. After all this time of embarrassing moments being teased, talked about, looking like a man, I was immune to the stones being thrown and just kept shaving every day. I started wearing makeup to cover it up. It worked a little bit, but not like I wanted it to work. I wanted it to be gone but I wasn’t getting any progress. So 20 plus years later my sister who lives in Texas introduced me to a goddess, a skin doctor (that’s what I call her) by the name of Timberly. She was simply amazing! Timberly comes from Texas to Memphis to lay her blessed hands on my face using her all natural products and it works!!! She has been working on me for a couple of months & I’m very pleased. I know God sent her my way & I truly appreciate you God for sending one of your vessels to help another. Thank you Timberly! With love, Dakota Dunlap


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